What is brake pad shims?

At present, whether it is the end customer or the brake pad product distributor, we not only pursue the characteristics of brake pads with excellent braking performance, comfortable braking, no harm to the disc and no dust, but we also keep a high concern about the brake noise problem. The quality of brake pads to a certain extent affects the noise of the vibration generated by the brake pads during braking. Severe noise not only affects the comfort of the driver, but may also cause fatigue damage to car parts, resulting in dangerous situations such as brake failure.

In order to reduce the vibration and noise and their negative effects to a greater extent, brake pads are generally installed with shims, which are used to reduce the vibration between the brake pads and the brake discs, thus reducing obvious effect of vibration and noise.


Therefore, brake pads shim is an accessory used to reduce or eliminate noise during braking. The shim is an important component of the brake pad, which is installed after the brake pad is manufactured and is removable. Different customers will choose different types of shims according to their actual needs. So next week Santa Brake will introduce the types of shims to you, hope you stay tuned!

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Post time: Jan-16-2022