How often should brake disc be replaced?

I consulted a professional mechanic about this issue and they told me that brake discs are generally suitable to be changed once around 70,000 kilometers. When you hear an ear-piercing metallic whistling sound when braking, this is the alarm iron on the brake pad has started to wear the brake disc, there is also a wear indicator on most brake disc products, and there will be 3 small pits distributed on the disc surface. Use vernier calipers to measure the depth of the small pits, which is 1.5mm, that is, the total wear depth of the brake disc reaches 3mm on both sides, it is recommended to replace the brake disc in time.


For the average car owner who is not that professional, it is recommended when every two sets of brake pads were replaced, it is time to replace the brake discs.

As a professional factory for brake disc, Santa Brake pays great attention to the quality control of the brake discs, especially in terms of material and processing size, because if the material is not qualified, then it may cause the brake discs to be soft. Thus causing the brake discs wear too fast. A brake disc that is not wear-resistant will have a significantly lower service life than the one mentioned above. There are two important indicators for brake discs, one is the thickness and the other is the minimum thickness. Only when we process the thickness accurately according to the OEM standard, then the brake disc can have a normal life cycle. We at Santa Brake use the above two aspects to ensure the life cycle of brake discs.


Post time: Jan-06-2022